The historic site and building above Niagara Falls is located on the west side of Portage Road which gets its name being the original portage route used by Indians and early Settlers to by-pass Niagara Falls and the mighty rapids.

Because of this prominent site location along Portage Road, to serve travellers two inns were built, Canada House and Ontario House, both of which no longer exist.


Today the building provides 78,000 sq. ft. of maintained building area with natural limestone facades and details which are hard to replicate, let alone be authentic.

Its sound structure provides many possibilities for future use and development along with its large open areas and high ceiling, many of which have views of Niagara Falls and can easily be adapted to many assembly and commercial uses.

The building’s historic nature and character along with its preserved historic front lawn which visually connects with Queen Victoria Park and Niagara Falls, makes it a distinctive asset that is impossible to recreate.  It will greatly compliment and contribute to any project as shown in the development proposed in this offer.


In 1861 The Loretto Sisters transformed Canada House into a convent and school and within a decade constructed a new beautiful stone convent and school on the 7.5 acre site.  Later additions keeping the same building aesthetic were added in 1890 and 1926.  The final building had 4 floors with an impressive cupola which along with the 4th floor was destroyed by fire in 1938.  In 1975 Loretto became a co-ed High School and later in 1982 a retreat for youths and adults.

Over its 150 year history Loretto has played a historically significant role contributing to the education and cultural life of several generations in the Niagara Region as well as students from as far away as Japan and South America.  As a visual icon it has been the subject of artists and photographers portraying its dominant position on the Niagara Escarpment above the great cataracts of Niagara Falls.